Thanks for the click!

I’ve been wanting to start up a blog where I can post some of my responses to games for a while now. Thanks to some fantastic deals at humblebundle.com, I have a back log of almost 250 games in my Steam library, as well as a few in my Origin, Uplay, and Blizzard libraries (and even more in the Humble Trove)!

I can’t promise I will finish all the games, but I might as well try in my down time. Video games are my passion and I’ve got to survive adult life somehow. Hope you enjoy my content!

Note: Some of the games in my library can easily be rated G or PG, while others are unrated for a reason. Should any game I review be for more mature audiences, I will make that known in the title.

Additionally, some of these games may contain and/or address triggering content. I will do my best to give TW/CWs but if I forget, please remind me in a comment! I want to make sure my content is safe and enjoyable for everyone!



Update 1: I’m thinking that I may expand my content here to include all sorts of gaming related posts, including TTRPG posts, board game posts, and so on. When I do implement this, I will add the category widget so that posts are easily filtered through.